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Moscow Eye Clinic doctors Kurenkov

We are pleased to welcome you to Moscow's famous ophthalmology center!

On the pages of the resource center of the Eye Surgery We offer up to date information, which relates to the health of your eyes and help you find the answers to all your questions on the topic. Here you will find a large section with reference materials, which describes:

  • various diseases in ophthalmology, their signs and symptoms;
  • modern methods diagnostic;
  • innovative technologies and methods for the treatment of eye diseases, and more.
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Recovery of the Moscow Eye Clinic

The Eye Clinic doctors Kurenkov pays special attention to the most common eye diseases, significantly reduces the quality and efficiency of patient. We use the most modern methods and successfully treat any disease of the vision:

Center for eye surgery and vision correction offers additional information about the possibilities of modern ophthalmology, as well as its unique and safe technology, which includes a number of medical, laser and surgical methods of restoring vision. Ophthalmology Center will introduce you to the principles of prevention of eye diseases, will talk about ways of early diagnosis of the most common diseases, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, the pathology of the retina, glaucoma, cataract and others.

Recovery Center view: Opportunities, methods, prices

Our ophthalmology center offers a full range of medical care for diseases of the eye, from the selection of lenses or glasses to complex surgical and laser operations at the highest level. Eye Centre is equipped with the latest equipment and has all the possibilities for solving a wide variety of vision problems.

Our source of information will tell you about the modern techniques of restoration of vision in the center:

The professionals of our center of recovery available to answer any questions regarding ophthalmic diseases, methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the price of an eye. We are confident that the answers of our specialists will facilitate the search for necessary information in the field of diseases of the eye and lead you on the right path to perfect vision!

Vision correction in ophthalmic clinic doctor Kurenkov — it is the experience, professionalism, advanced technical capabilities and innovative treatment methods. Thank you for using our resource!

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