Complete guide on cataract

Guide on Cataract

Prof. Viacheslav Kurenkov, MD

Dear readers,

Vision – is a great gift that nature has awarded us. Our common task is to preserve it.

Currently, cataract is one of the most common eye diseases. About 50% of all diagnosed cataracts are found in people aged 39 to 65 years. Today there are more than 500 million patients suffering from cataract, and 20 million of them went blind because of it!

Due to the urgency of the problem, we have tried to present the most frequently asked questions related to the prevention of cataract, its causes and the ways to treat it. We also offer a large section with reference materials about the symptoms and stages of cataract, modern diagnostic methods and information about safe methods of its conservative and surgical treatment.

Particular attention is paid to the section on intraocular lenses, which highlights the principles of their selection and problems they should solve.

Incredibly fast changes in the concept of the treatment of eye diseases allow us doing today what was virtually impossible yesterday. Many surgical and therapeutic methods used only a few years ago are unacceptable today.

Modern cataract surgery under eye drop anesthesia through minimal access, with the implantation of ultrathin, flexible artificial lenses has made a revolution in ophthalmology and has reduced the period of postoperative rehabilitation to several hours.

On the last pages of this publication, we have placed ophthalmic tests which will help you to roughly determine possible changes in your vision and, if any, seek medical attention..

We are confident that this publication will give you a good source of information and enable you, if necessary, to take the most appropriate decision to protect your vision!

I wish you good health!
Sincerely, Professor, Doctor of Medicine,
Vyacheslav Kurenkov

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