Coagulation of the retina

Coagulation of the retina

Pathological changes in the retina can cause serious vision problems. Dr. Kurenkov’s Eye Surgery Center offers a minimally invasive and effective method that will help to avoid them – laser coagulation..

RCG_38461.jpgDiseases of the fundus:

With this technology ophthalmologists for decades have successfully treated a number of eye diseases. Over the years, laser coagulation equipment and the method itself have been greatly improved. In our clinic we use only the most advanced devices. Surgeries are performed by high-skilled ophthalmic surgeons specializing in coagulation of the retina.


Traditionally, coagulation of the retina is prescribed to patients with pathologies such as:

  • violation of integrity of the retina;
  • vascular disruption in the eye due to diabetes;
  • changes in retinal vessels of another genesis (central vein thrombosis, age-related macular degeneration).

We recommend laser coagulation to those who have eye tumors, as well as patients with protracted central serous chorioretinopathy.


A high degree of myopia in women can be complicated by retinal detachment during natural childbirth. Laser coagulation will help to avoid C-section.


Laser coagulation device generates a high-intensity light beam. Its unique properties allow focusing very dense and powerful energy on a very small area. Thus, modified areas can be affected with a great degree of precision. Chosen areas of microscopic dimensions are instantaneously heated to a high temperature. Protein, contained in the eye tissue, is denatured. This allows “sealing” the vessel, “disabling” the areas that are too demanding to oxygenation or sealing tissues.

RCG_38621.jpgThe clinic performs:

How is coagulation of the retina performed?

This surgery requires no special preparation. Before laser coagulation a local analgesic is instilled. The pupil must be artificially enlarged to get access to the retina. For this purpose, short-acting drugs are used; contractile function of the pupil is restored in a few hours after coagulation of the retina.

The head and the chin of the patient are placed on a special stand. An optical system (lens) is firmly fixed on the eye. The procedure is not painful. The patient may experience minor discomfort from bright light flashes. Coagulation of the retina takes no more than 10-20 minutes.


Postoperative period

After laser coagulation

Laser coagulation performed by a competent ophthalmologist does not cause any harm. The result persists for life. Recurrent coagulation of the retina may be required only for the areas not operated previously.

Surgery cost

The complexity of the procedure depends on the type and stage of the disease. These parameters determine the cost of the surgery. The amount can vary from 3,300 to 29,500 rubles per eye. The exact price is determined at the ophthalmologist’s office.

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