Contact lens vision correction – new insights into the problem

Contact lens vision correction – new insights into the problem

You can learn everything about up-to-date methods of vision improvement in Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Surgery Center. You can also get detailed information on contact lens vision correction. Specialists of our eye clinic will select the appropriate contact lenses and show how to use them.

How is contact lens vision correction carried out?

In fact, lenses are an additional optical medium which refracts rays so that the image can be focused directly on the retina. Contact lens vision correction in Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Surgery Center helps to improve visual acuity for different kinds of pathologies.

СModern lenses are a thin transparent film which is gently placed on the cornea. They are made of hydrogel, silicone or thermoplastic. Lenses also differ by wearing period – daily, prolonged or flexible. In the room of contact lens vision correction you will be told about the pros and cons of a particular type and will learn how to properly wear them and look after them.

Before fitting the lenses you should undergo a thorough eye examination. The room of contact lens vision correction is equipped with special equipment to assess subjective refraction, visual acuity, to perform biomicroscopy, autorefractometry etc.

Our experts use an individual approach to the selection of contact lenses. Depending on the diagnosis, you will be offered spherical, toric or bi/multifocal lenses.

When is it necessary to visit the center of contact lens vision correction?

If you do not want or for some reason cannot undergo radical surgery, then specialists of Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Surgery Center will tell you in detail about contact lens vision correction and help to improve vision in case of:

Moreover, lenses can be used for:

  • protection of the cornea;
  • prolonged contact of medications with the cornea;
  • cosmetic improvements – changing or enhancing the eye color in case of congenital defects, etc.

Advantages of contact lens vision correction


Contact lens vision correction has several significant advantages over glasses:

  • a person's appearance remains unchanged, as lenses are completely invisible;
  • visible objects are not distorted;
  • visual field does not narrow;
  • lenses do not fog up;
  • no pressure on the nose;
  • suitable for outdoor exercises;
  • suitable for extended wear.

Contact lens vision correction is a modern, convenient and affordable way to improve vision!

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