Cataract phacoemulsification is a high-tech microsurgery aimed at removing opaque lens material.

Phacoemulsification is used for cataract (lens opacity) and with a refractive purpose – to change the refractive power of the eye, most often in cases of presbyopia, i.e. age-related farsightedness, when laser vision correction is ineffective.

Cataract phacoemulsification is performed under local anesthesia, after instillation of analgesic drops. A special gel-like substance, viscoelastic, is instilled into the anterior chamber of the eye to protect the eye structures from mechanical damage and ultrasonic exposure. A microaccesses 1.8 mm long is formed in the eyeball, then a hole in the anterior lens capsule (capsulorhexis) is made, followed by phacoemulsification – modified lens material is fragmented by ultrasound and removed from the eye. Further, an intraocular lens is placed into the crystalline lens; it expands and substitutes the capsular bag cavity, adjusting the refraction of light rays and focusing them on the retina. Intraocular lenses are made of biocompatible materials and do not cause a rejection reaction on the part of the eye tissue. Intraocular lenses are selected individually based on data of a complete eye examination.

Advantages of phacoemulsification:

1. does not take much time – about 15 minutes;

2. local anesthesia reduces the risk of complications in elderly patients with concomitant somatic pathology;

3. does not require suturing; microaccess is sealed on its own;

4. cornea remains intact;

5. intraocular lens implantation is reversible;

6. vision starts improving on the operating table,

7. performed on an outpatient basis, does not require hospitalization and prolonged rehabilitation;

8. allows completely abandoning vision correction with lenses or glasses;

9. affordable price..

Ongoing research work improves the method of phacoemulsification. This includes new ultrasonic modes, equipment upgrade and new types of intraocular lenses. All this minimizes the risk of complications and extends the possibilities of cataract surgery, restoring vision in a greater number of patients.

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