Treatment of astigmatism

Treatment of astigmatism

Treatment of astigmatism at a reasonable price

Astigmatism is refraction pathology caused by lack of sphericity of the lens or cornea – light-refracting structures of the eye. As a result, the patient is unable to see clearly..

зрение при астигматизме

Types of astigmatism

There are 3 types of astigmatism:

  • simple (emmetropia in one meridian combined with myopia or hyperopia in the other);
  • complex (myopia or hyperopia in both meridians);
  • mixed (myopia in one meridian, hyperopia in the other).

There are 3 degrees of astigmatism:

  • weak (up to 3 diopters);
  • average (3-6 diopters);;
  • high (over 6 diopters).

Astigmatism can be congenital or acquired..

Congenital astigmatism is caused by genetic abnormalities or abnormalities in intrauterine growth. A significant number of children manifest a slight degree of astigmatism that does not exceed 0.5 diopters and has no effect on visual acuity. This manifestation is associated with a slight asymmetry of the eyeball.

Acquired astigmatism is caused by rough cicatrical changes of the cornea. They can appear after trauma or surgery.

Diagnosis and treatment of astigmatism

Astigmatism can be detected by the following signs:

  • distortion and blurring, blurred near and far objects;
  • improved visibility at a certain angle;
  • rapid fatigue and headaches in case of visual loads;
  • frequent conjunctivitis and inflammatory diseases of eyelids.


Diagnosis of astigmatism requires a comprehensive eye examination. Visual acuity must be assessed. The doctor checks how the eyes focus light and chooses optical lenses to compensate for the refractive error. Also, the examination may include:

  • keratometry;
  • keratotopography;
  • aberrometry;
  • ophthalmoscopy;;
  • measurement of intraocular pressure, and so on.

Optical correction

Special glasses with cylindrical lenses are recommended for patients with astigmatism. Often, these glasses can cause discomfort in the eyes, headaches and rapid fatigue.

Toric contact lenses do not cause vision problems and have excellent correcting properties in case of astigmatism.

Surgical treatment of astigmatism

Keratorefractive treatment of astigmatism is an up-to-date treatment method. A flap is formed of very thin surface layers of the cornea, while deeper layers are subject to high-precision laser treatment.

Treatment of astigmatism using LASIK procedurehas proved reliable and effective at a low price. The surgery includes partial excision of the cornea and formation of flap of a crescent or another shape. The area of excision is perpendicular to the meridian with weak refraction.

REIK is an innovative technique used in Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Clinic. With the excimer laser system, our doctors carry out the most accurate correction of refractive disorders. After ablation and repositioning the flap, the eyes are rinsed with saline to avoid contamination and deformation. Such a technique has several advantages::

  • safe and painless procedures;
  • preservation of the anatomical structure of the cornea;
  • surgery on both eyes in one day;
  • no post-operative patches;
  • accurate prognosis and reliable result.


LASIK and REIK are contraindicated to patients with severe forms of diabetes, pregnancy, inflammatory diseases of the eye and progressive myopia. Glaucoma and cataract are also contraindications to surgery. In these cases other types of vision restoration are used.

To inquire about the treatment of astigmatism, its cost and to schedule an appointment, please call Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Clinic: +7 (495) 781-9333.

Getting rid of astigmatism for the price from 28,000 rubles.

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