Treatment of retinal dystrophy

Treatment of retinal dystrophy

Dr. Kurenkov’s Eye Clinic provides complex therapeutic and diagnostic services related to eye diseases. We use the most advanced methods of treatment..

Retinal dystrophy is a disease treated successfully by specialists of our clinic. The pathology consists in irreversible tissue damage, leading to deterioration of visual functions. Myopia is considered a contributory cause. Retinal dystrophy often develops in diabetics, hypertensive patients, smokers and obese people. Young people seek treatment quite often, too. Among the causes of the disease there are: thyroid and cardiovascular diseases, injuries, pregnancy.

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Retinal dystrophy is manifested in such forms as:

  • congenital (pigmentary, cone dysfunction syndrome, nyctalopia, Leber's congenital amaurosis, X-chromosome juvenile retinoschisis, Favre’s disease, Wagner’s disease, Best's disease);
  • secondary (acquired), occurs as a result of glaucoma, myopia;
  • central (affects the macular area);
  • peripheral.

Symptoms of retinal dystrophy may have a somewhat different character, but they have one thing in common – deterioration of visual acuity, which usually affects both eyes. Patients complain of visual field loss, nyctalopia (night blindness), scotomata, impaired color perception. All this requires eye examination.

Diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Examination of the visual organ includes:

  • refractometry;
  • biomicroscopy;
  • ophthalmoscopy;
  • visual acuity measurement;
  • pneumotonometry
  • optical coherence tomography;
  • eye ultrasonic scanning;;
  • a number of other examinations, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's eye.

Retinal dystrophy is treated by medical laser and surgical techniques

Patients of Doctor Kurenkov’s Eye Clinic are offered individual treatment plans, based on data of a comprehensive diagnostics. We use advanced therapeutic methods for the treatment of retinal dystrophy and guarantee good results.

The price of laser coagulation of the retina starts from 3,300 rubles.

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