Visual stimulation

Visual stimulation

Video computer visual stimulation is intended for prevention and complex treatment of a series of eye diseases.


For visual stimulation we use system VCK-2000

The complex VCK 2000 includes the most effective medical technologies developed by scientists in the field of visual physiology. The visual stimulation system includes 7 diagnostic, 9 therapeutic and preventive programs individually selected for each patient.

The treatment method includes 4 pulses::

  • laser;
  • electric;
  • magnetic;
  • photoimpact.

The complex is used for the treatment of such conditions as:

  • asthenopic complaints, accommodation spasm, visual fatigue;
  • myopia;
  • farsightedness;
  • age-related presbyopia;
  • strabismus;
  • amblyopia;;
  • retinal dystrophy;;
  • ascending and descending neuritis and atrophy of the optic nerve;
  • uveitis (remission stage);
  • neuroparalytic keratitis;
  • to accelerate the resorption of inflammatory diseases of eyelids (hordeolum, chalazion);
  • primary open-angle compensated glaucoma..

Visual stimulation procedures are held at intervals of 3-6 months:

  • treatment session lasts for 40-60 minutes;
  • the number and schedule of sessions are determined individually after an ophthalmic examination.

After the treatment:

  • visual acuity improves (with and without correction);
  • strabismus moderates;
  • vision stabilizes (in case of progressive myopia);
  • no more asthenopic complaints (eye strain);
  • reserve of accommodation increases;
  • quality of vision improves..


  • effective;
  • safe;
  • painless;
  • no age restrictions.

What visual stimulation offers::

  • activates the visual analyzer as a whole (retina - optic nerve - brain);
  • restores binocular vision;
  • stimulates photochemical processes in the layers of the retina;
  • activates reparative processes of intracellular and tissue regeneration;
  • restores sensitivity of the cornea;
  • improves microcirculation, muscle tone, trophism.

Зрительная стимуляция.jpg

Not recommended for patients who have the following diseases:

  • brain tumor;
  • condition after chemical and radiation therapy;
  • second pregnancy (second half);
  • condition after stroke, heart attack;;
  • epileptic seizure;;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • recent laser coagulation of the retina;
  • acute phase of the inflammatory process;
  • rapid depletion of the body;
  • rough sclerotic changes of vessels;
  • implanted electronic devices.

The procedure is especially recommended for people subject to continuous visual loads:

  • schoolchildren;
  • students;
  • drivers;
  • programmers;
  • managers;
  • artists;
  • watchmakers;
  • jewelers, etc.

The price of visual stimulation starts from 1,200 rubles.

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